Eliminate MIUI & Get Lineage OS with VOLTE support on Redmi Note 3

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Xiaomi Redmi Note has tons of excellent features and customizations and the only drawback of this device is the lack of stock android experience. Many users are not satisfied by the user interface of  MIUI 6/7/8. For them, I bring you the custom ROM based on Android N 7.1 which is a replica of CM 14.1 which no longer exists.This ROM brings a lot of new functionalities and changes to the android platform. You get the complete access to customize your android device to your own liking. Before flashing the custom ROM, I recommend you to follow each step very carefully. There are many new features and advancements in this custom ROM. Let’s begin with the installation process.
  1. Unlock the Bootloader as unlocking gives a complete access to make the customizations.
  2. Install TWRP Custom Recovery as it allows to flash ROMs and other zip files.

Android Multi Tools

  • First thing is to download the above mentioned two files and then save it to your SD card.
  • Reboot your phone into the recovery mode.
  • Tap on Wipe<< Advanced Wipe<< select Dalvik, data and cache and then swipe to flash.
  • Go back and tap on install, locate the downloaded files. Select the first file of lineage OS and then swipe to flash.
  • After the flashing is completed, go back and flash google apps with the same method. Flashing the G apps will take around 5 minutes.
  • When the flashing is done, tap on reboot system.
  • Your phone will start installing the lineage OS ROM on your Redmi Note 3.
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  • When you reboot your phone, you can find a new boot animation which is pretty decent.
  • You have got the new theme manager. Long press the home screen and swipe up to access the new theme customizer. The best feature of this Lineage OS is the protected apps, Just select the apps which you want to protect and it will be hidden from the app drawer, you can access the hidden app by coming to protected app section and tap on that arrow mark.
  • The status bar is quite similar to that of cyanogen mod as both of them are based on Android N.
  • Go to settings and then to buttons and enable the on-screen navigation keys. This feature was previously available only on nexus devices.
  • Let’s go to display settings and here tap on display size, you can adjust the display size to your liking.
  • You can set various actions to your home screen button such as long pressing the home screen button will open the search assistant and double tapping the home screen button will lock the screen.
    Also, it has some hidden features,
  • Double clicking the power button will open the camera, default camera has a problem with video recording. It does not record any video. This issue can be fixed with the 3rd party apps like google camera or open camera.
  • Next hidden feature is about the root access. Go to
  • This ROM comes with VOLTE support and JIO is working perfectly fine.
  • This ROM does not support multi window and night mode which are the new advancement of android n.
  • Battery backup is good and multitasking is simply superb in this ROM.
My opinion:
I have tested lineage OS on my Redmi Note 3 for a weak and I found it to be stable. If you wish to try the features of lineage OS then go ahead and install this OS on your phone.


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