How to Fix Invalid IMEI on any Mediatek Android

invalid imei image showing alt textIn some of the recent years, Google has done a lot for the progress of android Operating system. Some users are curious for a latest update on android and start installing android’s update without OTA which means by installing or flashing new ROM using custom recovery or flash tools. Every Android has NVRAM files which contain IMEI information. When we try flashing custom ROMs, NVRAM files may get damaged. So it is always recommended to backup NVRAM using Droid Tools before Flashing any type of custom ROM. If you didn’t backup your NVRAM then do not worry you are at the right place. Follow the simple procedure to fix IMEI problem on any Android Smartphone.
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  • This method is only for solving the problem of invalid IMEI on android phones. If you misuse this method to change IMEI of stolen phone then you may land in the court of law.
  • Warranty will be void during this method.
  • This tutorial is for educational purpose.
  • This method is only for devices with Mediatek processor. If you try this method on devices with other processor then it may not work and you may end up bricking your phone.

Dial *#06# on your smartphone and if you get wrong IMEI message on screen or no IMEI message or Invalid IMEI message, it means you have lost  IMEI on your smartphone.
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  • MTK smartphone drivers must be installed on your  windows.
  • Stock ROM of your smartphone.
  • Maui META application on your windows.
  • A windows PC or laptop. This tutorial will not work on Mac computers.
  • Your phone’s battery should be more than 60% for this method to work perfectly.

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Maui META application

STOCK ROM of your smartphone. (For instance if you use Lenovo K4 note search for “Stock ROM for Lenovo K4 Note) Most of the Stock ROM can be found on which provide numerous ROMS for almost all the android smartphones which are available in the market.


  1. Power off the Smartphone.
  2. Open Maui META application. Go to Options<<Connect Smartphone into META mode.maui meta image showing alt text
  3. Click on Reconnect and connect your smartphone to PC.
  4. Your smartphone will be taken into META Mode Now. If it does not boot into META mode then check all the drivers are installed properly.
  5. Now a dialogue box will appear as shown below.
    imei fix image showing alt text
  6. Click on Change NVRAM files and select Database file from the stock ROM  folder as shown below.
    nvdata image showing alt text
  7. Click on Upload from flash.
  8. Provide IMEI of your phone in IMEI section. If you don’t know what was the IMEI number of your device then you may find it on your mobile box or just open the back cover of your phone, you will find the IMEI number printed on backside.
  9. Click on Download to flash.
  10. Click on Load flash.
  11. Remove your smartphone from PC and dial *#06# and it will display the IMEI of your smartphone.
  12. Enjoy! you have successfully fixed IMEI on your Smartphone.
If the above information did not fix your problem of IMEI then contact me with your issue 

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  1. I'm facing a problem! i clicked on reconnect and then connected my k4 note.
    My phone displayed "have been in meta mode,.." but unlike you mentioned in step 6, no new dialog box appeared on the laptop screen

  2. in my lenovo k4 note no new dialogue box is opening. i have also installed android gadget cdc drivers. my phone goes into meta mode but no new dialogue box opens. please provide me any working method to get lost imei in my lenovo k4 note.


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