How to Unlock Bootloader on Lenovo K4 note (Complete guide)

Unlock Bootloader

Unlocking the boot loader helps to enjoy the another face of android. If you want to install Custom Recovery on your k4 note then unlocking the Boot loader will make your job easy. Custom recovery helps you install Custom ROM and other zips like Super Su as well. This method will work for both Android Lollipop & Marshmallow.

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I sincerely thank to Gursewak and Sevenmars for provided all the necessary requirement for unlocking the bootloader.
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DISCLAIMER: I made this tutorial to help k4 note users to unlock the bootloader in easiest possible manner. Perform this action of unlocking the bootloader at your likelihood because I make no liability if you freeze your phone or damage it.
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Install MTK Drivers on your computer as it is the most important step while unlocking the bootloader.

Download SP flash tool

Download preloader/uboot

Make sure the battery percentage of your smartphone is more than 75%.

You can perform this method only on windows computer because mac or Linux does not support this activity.

Procedure to Unlock Bootloader On Lenovo k4 Note:
  • Download and install the MTK drivers from google. It helps the computer to recognize your meditake phone.
    • Go to settings<About Phone<<Tap on Build Number for seven times to enable the developers option.
    • Go to settings<Developers options<Enable USB Debugging and OEM unlocking
    • Power off the device and do not connect to the computer now itself.
    • You need to go to SP flash tool and then right-click on it and run SP flash tool as an administrator on your computer.
    • Browse and select the preloader file from patch folder which is present in Lenovo K4 note folder.
    • Click on download and connect your phone to computer. In few minutes you will see a green confirmation saying the task is successful. Now you need to go in advanced mode.
  • Press Alt+Ctrl+v on keyboard which will open our flash tool in advanced mode.
  • In SP flash tool, you will find select windows on the top and then select write memory.
  • Now change address to 0x1c80000
  • Browse the file and select uboot from patch folder which is present in Lenovo k4 note folder.
  • Press download & connect your device to system then in few moments, you will observe a green confirmation on your screen once the task is finished.
  • Power on your device
  • Go to settings<Developers options<Enable USB Debugging and OEM unlocking.
  • Make sure K4 note is switched on and connect to PC.
  • Go to Lenovo_K4_note folder and open unlock_recovery.
    • Now your phone will be taken into fast boot.

    • A black screen will appear on your screen,when asked for unlocking, you need to press volume up key to unlock bootloader.

    • In few seconds, it will unlock the bootloader on your phone.

  • Enjoy now! You have successfully unlocked the bootloader on Lenovo K4 note.
The main intention behind this tutorial is to help users to enhance the android experience by unlocking the bootloader. If you wish to thank me for this tutorial then give this post a like and follow me on my social media sites.

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  1. please help,

    when i press the download button in sp flash tools after selecting the scatter file,I don't get the confirmation dialogue

    at the bottom it says download da complete 100% in a red background,and the timer continues to run

    i waited for 15 minutes and nothing happened and then i pressed the stop button which made the sp flash tools program unresponsive and it force closed.

    someone please help me with the situation


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