How to unroot any android device in 1minute

unroot image showing alt textUnrooting is nothing but removing the root access from your android phone or tablet. Unrooting any android would be tough and takes more time if we perform unrooting through a computer. So Today In this Tutorial you will get to know how to unroot any android device without PC, directly from your device itself in 1minute.This is the universal method of unrooting any android smartphone where no data is lost which means all of your files and apps are safe and you can use this method on any android phone or tablet. This is the easiest method of unrooting your android device in which you do not need to remove any root directly from the system files which is a very complex method. This method will not only eliminate root access on your phone but also remove the root apps automatically. Before unrooting your device I recommend you read Things you should do after rooting your android because rooting is worthless unless you know the advantages of rooting the android.

Note: If you think that if you unroot your device you will get back your warranty then you are wrong my friend. When the warranty is void for once then you cannot claim your warranty even at cost of unrooting.
Follow the steps to unroot your android device:

Step1.Download the Kingroot app which is not available on the play store. Just google it and you will easily get the apk file of kingroot.
Step2.After downloading and installing the king root, Open general settings by clicking on the three black dots on the top right-hand corner of your screen.
Step3.Toggle off Enable Root Authorization(This will disable root).
Step4.Now click on uninstall Kingroot and remove it.

Step5.When prompted to uninstall, click on “Continue”. If you are not able to uninstall this app, then go to app settings and force stop the app and then remove it.
Step6.Once the app is completely removed, you need to restart your android device.
Step7.Download and install Root checker app from the google play store.
Step8.Click on verify the root access.
Step9.It will show root access is not properly installed on your device which means you have successfully unrooted or removed root access from your smartphone.

Enjoy unrooting any android Phone/Tablet.

This procedure will  work only if your device is rooted with  kingroot and does not work if you have rooted your android with SuperSu. If you want to unroot your android with SuperSu then open SuperSu app and select remove root access and restart your device. This will unroot your device when rooted with SuperSu.

DISCLAIMER: This article is only for those who have rooted their phone and wants to get rid of the root access by rooting the phone. I used this method to unroot my k4 note and moto g and the results were successful. I do not make any kind of responsibility if you do anything wrong with your android.


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