Learn To Hide Chat While Typing on Whatsapp In The Next 60 Seconds

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Some people don’t understand, privacy is not only an individual’s need but a prerequisite.
Almost everyone may have experienced  these situations in some instances which are mentioned below. Like, While travelling in a bus, the stranger sitting beside you or behind you may read your chat or look into important information like bank account number or passwords.
At home, your annoying sibling may want to know with whom you are chatting or why have you sent that particular message to someone.
To avoid disturbance and unwanted after effects of such situations, Passion Labz has brought to you a trick by which you can hide private information and your conversation while chatting on WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook or any other messenger.


I have made this tutorial just for educational purpose only and the main motive is to protect the WhatsApp users from the people around them.
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  • Download Mask Chat from Play Store on you Android device.
  • Once you open the app, it asks for some permissions, grant them the required permissions of accessibility.
  • Once you tap on its icon, a digital curtain opens on your screen, you can hide the display as per your requirement, you can scroll it up and down at any point of time.
  • You can also change the color of the “digital curtain” by looking up in the themes. You can set the transparency of the curtain and you can fix particular size of it.
  • It has an easy close option when you don’t need it, just press the close icon; the curtain will disappear, leaving behind the floating icon.
  • You can open the curtain by pressing the floating icon.
Mask Chat is an application which can be easily downloaded from Play Store. It helps the user to resist themselves from people who try to break the privacy of others.

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  • Safety: Mask Chat is an application that doesn’t take any user information.
  • Free of cost: Mask Chat is free to use application and does not have any glitches of subscription fee or registration.
  • Can be used Offline: There is no use of Internet while using the application.
  • Different themes: There are a variety of themes in this application, you are also provided with translucent curtains.
  • This digital curtain can be drawn over any application – be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Hike, Instagram (Direct message), Viber, WeChat, LINE, IMO, Skype, Hangouts or your notes.
The only drawback of this app is the battery drain. It uses battery even if you close the application. This drawback can be fixed by force closing the application from the app settings. I believe that this is really a great application for every WhatsApp user but at the cost of battery life. If you are using a monster battery (more than 3500MAH) on your phone, then you should not worry about the battery.  
    Mask Chat is developed by Code Yeti Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This application has gained popularity in many cities of India and countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Code Yeti is globally oriented and has been delivering exceptional solutions for clients around the world.


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