Should Lenovo K4 Note Be Updated To Android M 6.0 (Marshmallow)


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Google has done an excellent work in updating the android with the latest updates. Recently on 1st June 2016 Lenovo has launched Android M 6.0(Marshmallow) OTA update for the k4 note users. But people are in confusion whether to update Lenovo k4 note to marshmallow or not.
Are there any bugs in marshmallow update or it perfectly fine?
How is the battery performance.?
Is the fingerprint sensor is working fine?
Is there any heating issue?
Is it the right time to update Lenovo k4 note to marshmallow?
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This article will surely clear all your doubts regarding the android marshmallow of k4 note and you can decide whether to update your android or not.

Pros Of Android M on Lenovo Vibe k4 Note

  • The best thing Android M (Marshmallow) 6.0 is that they have added five fingerprints option on Lenovo vibe k4 note.
  • You have got screen pinning on Android M on Lenovo k4 note.
  • You can adjust the volume of phone calls, media volume and alarm volume on Lenovo k4 note with the update of Android Marshmallow.
  • You can set permission on any app for the use of the camera. For example, if you disable the camera permission for WhatsApp then WhatsApp will not be able to use the camera.
  • You can set the permission for the usage of camera, microphone, contacts, media and location as well.
  • You can Lock-Unlock Apps with the fingerprint scanner.
  • You can customize tiles in the notification panel.
  • Font and display size can be changed to small or big according to your preferences.
  • Excellent battery Life with improved performance.
  • If you install some of the apps like Nova Launcher or Asus Launcher then you can create gestures for every single process which help to completely automate your android.

Cons Of Android M on Lenovo Vibe k4 Note

  • Auto rotate button is not working.
  • The microphone is not working during voice calls on WhatsApp or any other application.
  • Camera sound is always on.
  • Heating issue when games are played for more than 20minutes
  • Dolby Atmos speaker stop working frequently and It works only after a restart
  • At times, fingerprint scanner stops working and It works only after a restart
  • Virtual reality mode is missing in android marshmallow.
  • All the smart tricks of lollipop is missing in this android marshmallow.
Checkout this video of my YouTube channel  for the detailed explanation of Pros and Cons of Android M On Lenovo k4 Note

Final Verdict

I have been using android m 6.0 on my k4 note and I can say that it stable ROM and you can go ahead and get this one for your phone. Though there are some minor bugs but can be fixed with some tweaks. Developers are working to fix the bugs and soon all the issues will be fixed for sure.



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