Top 5 Bind Blowing Things You should do after Rooting your Android


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If you are reading this post then chances are you have rooted your android device. Rooting is useless unless you know how to use it. Rooting an android is just like jail breaking an iPhone or iPad, it gives you root access to your phone. Many people are confused why to root any android phone or tablet. So in this tutorial, you will get to know the top 5 reasons to root any android device.

  1. Install Custom Recovery: The very First thing to do after root is to go ahead and install a custom recovery. You may what is a custom recovery? A custom recovery is a customized and more advanced version of your phone recovery. Once you install custom recovery you can do a lot more things on your android devices. It allows to install zip files, it allows you to flash custom ROMs on your phone, it allows to wipe, manage or even format your phone’s cache and partition and with the help of custom recovery you can even back up the entire android system. So if you do not have a custom recovery then go ahead and install a custom recovery. Some of the best recoveries are TWRP and CWM recovery.twrp root image showing alt text
  2. Install Custom ROM: Next thing to do on your rooted android device is to install custom ROM. This is the main reason why 50% of android users root their smartphone. Basically, Custom ROMs are customized, more advanced and more featured version of android. Stock ROM is taken and modified and more features are added and useless features are removed, bloatware features are removed in a custom room. In short custom ROM is pimped version of the android operating system.
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  3. Delete Bloatware: Bloatware are the apps that come pre-installed on your android devices which are not even used but keep on running in the background and these apps always keep eating the battery. Download any bloatware removing the app from the play store. After removing the bloatware, you will see significant changes in the phone i.e., increase in battery life, performance and it will also free up the internal storage.
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  4. Install Root apps: Some of the apps will work if and only if you have root access and these apps help to customize your smartphone to a different level. You can download screen recorder apps and you can download tons of different apps. These apps can be found in play store and usually say “Root Users Only”.
  5. Customization And Tweaks: Your device has thousands of customization options and tweaks. If you want to tweak your android then goes ahead and install ROM toolkit app from the play store and it is for free. You can change the font size and you can also change the way how it behaves. You can change how your icon looks. You can increase the Wi-Fi range. You can increase the battery and so on. The sky is the limit for tweaking the rooted android. You can change the look, the behavior , the animation of your android device.
Go ahead and root your android and enjoy the features of rooting. If at all you have any doubts then comment down below I will try my extend to help you out in the best possible solution.



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